So this is a continuation of the previous git article I wrote. It finished on the command

git log

I will focus on problems that you may run into and how they can be circumvented and solved using git. Hopefully by then end of this, you will no longer be scared of screwing up with git (and stop making 20 million backups of your code). Since git is language/software independent, all the things you learn can be used with whatever IDE/language you use and for my own convenience’s sake, I will use Xcode.


Conflicts arise in code when 2 different…

I decided on writing a tutorial on Git usage. Especially considering how popular remote work is now. When I began software development, I started with using a GUI but I made too many mistakes with it. Its really easy to screw up using that since there are too many options that you can easily click and I think I may have accidentally deleted some commits at some point. And well, using the CLI really feels quite cool. I won’t be going through setting up a repository since you can find a step by step guide anywhere. …

Whenever you get asked to make animations the first thought is panic. And second is to search for a similar animation that has already been made and just copy it or “pod install” it. Making animations sounds more scary than it has to be.

Every animation occurs over a period of time. When working with animations all you have to do is break it down into several steps that occur over said period.

Let us look at something basic, moving a UIView object from point A to B.

UIView.animate(withDuration : 0.3, animations: {
self.tempView.frame = …

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